Our fleet of fuel trucks delivers clear diesel, red-dyed diesel, unleaded, and premium unleaded on time and in full.

Your equipment demands the highest quality lubricants to keep them running smooth and efficient. Senergy offers world-class lubricant products at every price point.

Every business needs ways to maximize efficiency while reducing costs. When you own and operate a fleet, commercial fuel cards can help keep track of expenses and save money.

Dedicated to keeping your fuel and lubrication systems clean and reliable.

Our chemical products are formulated to optimize your operations. With our expertise we can guide you in the right direction from product knowledge, handling and safety.


Clean Diesel Exhaust Fluid is the key to maximum fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Our high quality delivery and DEF procedures will ensure you receiving the good stuff.

Our equipment service offers a comprehensive catalog of equipment solutions including sales, loans, repairs, and maintenance on tank meters and pumps.

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