Emergency Fueling

Senergy Petroleum specializes in disaster response, providing essential fuel supplies during all emergencies. Our team can mobilize after any emergency to keep your equipment running. We offer dependable fuel delivery and mobile fuel storage solutions for rent or purchase, ensuring you have fuel when you need it most.

Generator Fueling

Keep your business powered through any situation with our tailored generator refueling services. Senergy designs personalized fueling strategies for your generators, ensuring you always have fuel, no matter the weather conditions or power outages. Our reliable service keeps your power systems operational.

Mobile Refueling

Senergy’s mobile fueling service ensures your heavy equipment or on-site storage at job sites is always refueled. We deliver clear or dyed diesel, DEF, and gasoline directly to your location, even in remote or hard-to-reach areas, ensuring your on-road fleet vehicles stay fueled and your operations run smoothly.

Bulk Fuel Delivery & Refueling Services

As the leading distributor in the Southwest and Rockies, we offer extensive resources, including bulk plants, a local fleet of delivery trucks, and proficient logistics, providing our customers with significant advantages. Senergy Petroleum is equipped to handle projects of any size, demonstrating our commitment to meeting diverse needs.

Operations in Motion

Whether your operations are large or small, we tailor our delivery plans to meet your unique needs, ensuring your business remains operational. Our experienced drivers and innovative solutions guarantee timely deliveries, keeping your trucks and equipment at peak performance. 

Off-Road Diesel Delivery

For those relying on heavy equipment in remote locations, Senergy -road diesel delivery 24/7. Our high-qualit deliveries prevent downtime, keeping your operations on schedule. We excel at reaching difficult locations, ensuring your heavy machinery is always fueled.

Bulk Gasoline for Fleets and Equipment Fueling

Senergy provides bulk gasoline deliveries to fleets and job site equipment. We supply high-quality gasoline in various grades. Our mobile fleet fueling service uses the latest monitoring technology, ensuring on-site gasoline deliveries without last-minute hassles. 

DEF Delivery

We meet all your DEF delivery needs, supplying top-quality DEF at wholesale prices. Senergy delivers directly to your equipment for on-site fueling with low minimum order quantities. Our mobile fueling service ensures you never run out of DEF.

Multiple Supply Points

We have made it a priority to have access to multiple supply points for our fuel. With multiple Senergy-owned bulk plants across the Southwest and Rockies, we can supply your fuel even when the market is challenged. 

Online Ordering and Account Management

Senergy’s online platform gives you the capability to manage and create orders.

Choose Senergy for your Bulk Fuel Needs

Clear and Red Dyed Diesel

Senergy offers a comprehensive range of clear and red dyed diesel fuels, meeting the diverse needs of our customers. Our clear diesel is a high-quality, low-sulfur option suitable for various applications, while our red dyed diesel is designed for off-road use, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Unleaded Gasoline

Senergy provides a full spectrum of unleaded gasoline options, meeting the stringent standards for performance and environmental responsibility. Our unleaded gasoline is engineered to enhance engine efficiency and reduce emissions, ensuring that your vehicles and equipment operate at their best.

Premium Gasoline

Our advanced formulations deliver superior engine performance, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced carbon deposits. Whether you’re driving for pleasure or relying on premium fuel for your high-performance vehicles, Senergy’s premium gasoline is the optimal choice for a smooth and powerful ride.

Specialty Fuels

Senergy specializes in providing innovative specialty fuels tailored to meet specific industry requirements. From high-octane racing fuels to aviation-grade options, our specialty fuels are crafted with precision and expertise.

Tanks in Multiple Sizes

Senergy understands that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a diverse range of equipment in multiple sizes, ensuring that our customers receive solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Pumps, Meters, Accessories

Our equipment is designed for durability, accuracy, and ease of use, providing a seamless fueling experience. From precision meters to reliable pumps and a wide array of accessories, Senergy is your trusted partner for building and maintaining a robust and efficient fueling system.

Senergy distributes the highest quality fuel from multiple reliable sources. Our bulk storage capabilities allows us to offer you competitive pricing.

Multiple Size Tanks

Fuel Tank Rental

Senergy provides fuel tank rentals or purchases on short notice. From custom-designed equipment solutions to tanks in multiple sizes and DEF storage, Senergy has your storage equipment covered. 

Flexible Delivery

On-Site Fuel Tanks

We rent tanks in various sizes and can refill your existing tanks.

Wet Hosing

Our fuel trucks deliver directly into each piece of equipment or vehicle on-site.


Our straight trucks handle fuel deliveries right to your site.


Large tanker trucks deliver fuel according to your schedule.

24-Hour Service

We offer round-the-clock service. At Senergy, we’re always prepared. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and natural disasters, ensuring you always have access to the fuel you need. 

Competitive Pricing

Our bulk fuel delivery services feature competitive pricing with no hidden costs. We are committed to delivering quality products at wholesale prices, providing our customers with the best value. 

Customized Training

Our in-house experts offer customized training programs catered for your specific needs geared to providing you the tools and knowledge to succeed in your industry. 

No More Shortages

We utilize cutting-edge technologies to oversee your inventory and prevent shortages. The combination of advanced truck technology and our exceptional dispatch team guarantees your products’ timely and complete delivery.

Fuel for Every Industry

Whether you’re in manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, or technology, Senergy has the expertise to meet your unique fuel needs. Our comprehensive solutions encompass a diverse range of industries, guaranteeing dependable fuel solutions to power your operations.

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Customer Testimonials

Chalk Mountain

Chalk Mountain Services of Texas roots started from a dairy farm to hauling milk and refrigerated goods and expanded in 2006 as a small transportation business hauling water in the Barnett Shale. Today, Chalk Mountain Services of Texas is a world class leader in transportation and logistics provider in the oilfield services industry, with terminals in Texas serving the Eagle Ford Shale and the Delaware Basin.

Customer Testimonials

Rio Valley Enterprises

Dating back to 1958, Nick and Rena Carson started the family farm in the heart of the Hatch Valley, where the highest quality Chili Peppers and Paprikas are grown. Since then the family has grown and so has the business. From Rio Valley Chili to Rio Valley Onions, Rio Valley Pecans and Rio Valley Grain, Rio Valley Enterprises is dedicated to providing the highest quality products in a responsible and sustainable manner of Regenerative Agriculture.

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Senergy has been the distributor of choice in the Southwest and Rockies for decades. We only carry the highest quality products at the most competitive price possible. Our brands themselves are market leaders offering a variety of options and price points.

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