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Hatch, NM

Rio Valley Enterprises

Dating back to 1958, Nick and Rena Carson started the family farm in the heart of the Hatch Valley, where the highest quality Chili Peppers and Paprikas are grown. Since then the family has grown and so has the business. From Rio Valley Chili to Rio Valley Onions, Rio Valley Pecans and Rio Valley Grain, Rio Valley Enterprises is dedicated to providing the highest quality products in a responsible and sustainable manner of Regenerative Agriculture.

“Senergy Petroleum closely monitors all of our fuel tanks, ensuring that we never run out, even delivering on the weekends during harvest season if needed because our business depends on it. They’ve always been very good to us.”

- Joe Paul Lack

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Fort Worth, TX

Chalk Mountain

Chalk Mountain Services of Texas roots started from a dairy farm to hauling milk and refrigerated goods and expanded in 2006 as a small transportation business hauling water in the Barnett Shale. Today, Chalk Mountain Services of Texas is a world class leader in transportation and logistics provider in the oilfield services industry, with terminals in Texas serving the Eagle Ford Shale and the Delaware Basin.

“Scheduled and on-time fuel delivery is essential for our business to thrive and Senergy Petroleum always provides that quality of service to each of our locations.”

- Aaron Yeager​
CEO & Co-Owner

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Phoenix, AZ

Strictly Diesel

Strictly Diesel is one of the most recognizable diesel shops in the Valley. Assembling a terrific group of positive, customer-oriented employees that are ready to take care of all of your light-duty diesel needs. Everyone at Strictly Diesel takes “Customer Service” seriously, we’ve worked hard to earn our Excellent Reputation and our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau…and we will work even harder to keep them! 

“We’re all about quality, performance, and reliability. Senergy gives that to us by the products they sell to us!”

- Nathan Brekken

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Tempe, AZ

Salem Boys

Salem Boys Auto is an ASE Blue Seal Shop and an ASA Gold Medallion shop. Salem Boys Auto is not just any kind of repair shop but, a repair shop that has won numerous awards for its design, environmental strategy, beauty, and functionality. 

“We choose to do business with Senergy because it’s seamless. From the beginning of the ordering, accounting, products, delivery drivers. Everything is just easy!”

- Andy Salem

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Phoenix, AZ

Senergy Petroleum

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week we had the opportunity to ride along with some of our drivers to display what they do best.  Showcasing how well they know their customers, the equipment, and taking pride in getting the job done safely, professionally, and efficiently. It truly shows in their work how Senergy drivers are proud to run with us.

“I haven’t worked for a company that really valued their employees as much as I’m valued at Senergy. I’ve been given a lot of opportunity in the short amount of time that I’ve been with Senergy Petroleum.”

- Scott Brown

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Gilbert, AZ

Senergy Petroleum

At Senergy Petroleum, we understand that people make the difference. Every single role here at Senergy Petroleum plays an integral part in the success of the organization. In this video, we will highlight what makes Senergy Petroleum a top employer and why our people call this “HOME”.

“The products and services we provide are essential. These are products that you have to have, not nice to have, and the Senergy people are the ones to get it done.”

- Chris Lindblom
President & CEO

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