What Are Fuel Cards?

Fleet fuel cards give owners and managers greater control over fuel and maintenance purchases. Unlike a retail gas card or credit card, our commercial fuel cards come with extensive reporting and cost-control restrictions.

Detailed Reporting

A detailed invoice sent directly to your account after every single purchase when using a Senergy Cardlock card.



Our fleet fuel cards are exclusively intended for commercial use only. Approval is contingent upon verification of an active business license.

Strategic and Efficient

Our strategically positioned stations are purpose-built for commercial vehicles, eliminating the need to wait in lengthy lines behind compact cars or maneuver through tight retail stations.


Benefits of using commercial fuel cards:


Our stations are designed specifically for commercial vehicles, which means that you don’t need to wait in long lines of sub-compact cars or try to navigate a narrow retail station. Plus, every location is conveniently located off a major highway to provide the perfect space to pull off and fuel up.

Product Availability

You have high speed access to clear diesel, red-dyed diesel, unleaded, premium unleaded as well as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). 

Controlled Fleet Costs

When drivers use their commercial fleet cards, managers and owners know exactly how much is spent and on what. Once you see where that money is going, you can find ways to cut costs and keep employees safe.

Fast Fuel and DEF

We’ve outfitted our Cardlock stations with high flow diesel nozzles, truck and trailer access and satellite pumps. Meaning you get in and out faster. With bulk DEF available at nearly every location, our Cardlock sites are your one-stop-shop.


Cardlock stations are for cardlock fuel card members only, and they’re well-lit and maintained. Paying with a fuel card is often safer than using cash at a retail gas station. Plus, managers can monitor fuel cards for any suspicious activity.

To Fuel:

  1. Remove nozzle and lift lever to engage.
  2. Begin fueling.
  3. When finished fueling, replace nozzle pushing lever down to disengage.

Let's Answer Your Questions

Yes, we recommend you personalize your card to your fleet needs. You can restrict which products can be purchased, how many gallons and dollars amount that can be spent. You can also limit which day, time, and the total number of transactions.

Contact your dedicated Senergy account manager to deactivate the lost card and to issue you a new card or our cardlock customer service team at (800) 964-0076

Our Senergy Cardlock location offers clear diesel, dyed diesel, unleaded fuel, premium fuel, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid. *Product may vary at each location.

We have dedicated Senergy Cardlock locations throughout Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

Our Senergy cardlock stations are conveniently located right off the highways with each location strategically designed with a large turnaround. Making it easily accessible for large commercial vehicles. At our commercial fueling sites, we have high-flow diesel dispensers that pump 3 times faster than at a retail gas station pump. You also gain access to our satellite pumps where you can pump on each side of your vehicle at the same time. These effective time-savers can decrease your labor cost significantly mixed with our competitive pricing, you could save upwards of 20 percent.

Purchase Controls

Senergy Cardlock cards allow you to restrict which products your drivers can purchase to ensure no mistakes are made during the fueling process.

Theft Control

Security cameras with enhanced digital video enforced at every Senergy Cardlock location to minimize theft and ensure safe fueling.

Fast Fueling

All Cardlock stations have high flow diesel nozzles, truck and trailer access and satellite pumps. Meaning you get in and out faster.

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