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Every business needs ways to maximize efficiency while reducing costs. Your fleet can often get overlooked, which leads to high expenses if you’re not careful. When you own and operate a fleet, commercial fuel cards can help keep track of expenses and save money.

How Your Fleet Can Benefit From Cardlock Fueling


Our stations are designed specifically for commercial vehicles, which means that you don’t need to wait in long lines of sub-compact cars or try to navigate a narrow retail station. Plus, every location is conveniently located off a major highway to provide the perfect space to pull off and fuel up.

Fast fuel and DEF

We’ve outfitted our cardlock stations with high flow diesel nozzles, truck and trailer access and satellite pumps. This means you get in and out much faster. Also with bulk DEF available at nearly every location, our cardlock sites are your one-stop-shop.

Product Availability

You have high speed access to clear diesel, red-dyed diesel, unleaded, premium unleaded as well as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). 


Cardlock stations are for cardlock fuel card members only, and they’re well-lit and maintained. Paying with a fuel card is often safer than using cash at a retail gas station. Plus, managers can monitor fuel cards for any suspicious activity.

Controlled fleet costs

When drivers use their commercial fleet cards, managers and owners know exactly how much is spent and on what. Once you see where that money is going, you can find ways to cut costs and keep employees safe.

What Are Fuel Cards?

Fleet fuel cards work like credit cards that give owners and managers greater control over fuel and maintenance purchases. Unlike a retail gas card or credit card, our commercial fuel cards come with extensive reporting and cost-control restrictions.

Some of the benefits of using commercial fuel cards include:


How it works...

Every vehicle in your fleet is issued a Cardlock Card. The card is tailored based on your product needs. By assigning the card to a specific Vehicle, we can help you with detailed billing, driver habits, and prevent any misuse of the card.

At the Cardlock site

The vehicle driver inserts the card and enters his unique DIN (Driver ID Number). The Driver enters the odometer reading for the vehicle and selects the pump number. At our Senergy Cardlock locations, you can get clear diesel, dyed diesel, unleaded fuel, premium fuel, and DEF. Location may vary for each product. Please visit to see which products are offered at each specific location.

Card Options for Customization

  • Which product or products that can be purchased
  • How many gallons or dollars can be limited
  • Limit your drivers to a specific purchasing day and/or time
  • Restrict the number of transactions

Let the fueling begin

Once the fueling transaction is complete, the data is recorded and will be available via our website. Senergy offers user-defined reporting that consolidated on a single, easy-to-read billing statement. Having all your data in one organized platform will help bring transparency to your fueling activity:

  • Who made the purchase
  • What vehicle was the purchase for
  • Where was the purchase
  • When was the purchase
  • What product was purchased

Let's Answer Your Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we recommend you personalize your card to your fleet needs. You can restrict which products can be purchased, how many gallons and dollars amount that can be spent. You can also limit which day, time, and the total number of transactions.

Contact your dedicated Senergy account manager to deactivate the lost card and to issue you a new card or our cardlock customer service team at (800) 964-0076

Our Senergy Cardlock location offers clear diesel, dyed diesel, unleaded fuel, premium fuel, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid. *Product may vary at each location.

We have dedicated Senergy Cardlock locations throughout Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

Our Senergy cardlock stations are conveniently located right off the highways with each location strategically designed with a large turnaround. Making it easily accessible for large commercial vehicles. At our commercial fueling sites, we have high-flow diesel dispensers that pump 3 times faster than at a retail gas station pump. You also gain access to our satellite pumps where you can pump on each side of your vehicle at the same time. These effective time-savers can decrease your labor cost significantly mixed with our competitive pricing, you could save upwards of 20 percent.


Senergy has been the distributor of choice in the Southwest and Rockies for decades. We only carry the highest quality products at the most competitive price possible. Our brands themselves are market leaders offering a variety of options and price points.

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