Passenger Car and Heavy Duty Automotive

Senergy Petroleum carries a wide range of products designed to service many different vehicles you get in your shop. We also have lots of pack sizes to accommodate your shop, no matter how many bays it has. Allison, Ford, GM, and many other OEMs have specifications they require you to meet, and we can help with that.

24/7 Emergency Delivery

Senergy's dedicated customer support team is always reachable and works hard to accommodate your urgent needs.
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Intelligent Inventory Management

We manage your inventory with advanced processes and telemetry so you never run out.
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Advanced E-Fleet Deliveries

Our delivery trucks are connected with the latest tracking technologies giving our dispatch real-time location data.
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Loaned Equipment and
System Design

Our team will ensure you have the equipment you need either through our loan program or by designing a custom system for your situation.
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OEM Warranty Compliance

Our lubricants and greases exceed OEM specifications ensuring you are protected.
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In-house experts offer customized training for your specific needs.
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Senergy’s online platform gives you the capability to manage and create orders.

Automotive Products

In addition to these industry-leading products, we also provide unparalleled service. We understand that having what you need is the most important thing. We have trucks operating all around our bulk plant facilities and are ready for the clutch moments. 

Products From Top Brands

We are distributors for many of the major brands and we can provide you with the in-store marketing packs you need, including floor mats, stools, clocks, etc. from: Citgo, Clarion, Mystik, Fuchs Sinclair, Shell, Peak, Ford Motorcraft, Chevron, Phillips 66 and more.

See Why Customers Run With Senergy

Customer Testimonials

Salem Boys Auto

Salem Boys Auto talk about how they get business done with Senergy Petroleum. Salem Boys Auto buys our Chevron products and takes advantage of our equipment and installation services.

Customer Testimonials

Strictly Diesel

Strictly Diesel is one of the most recognizable diesel shops in the Valley. Wait until the end to hear our favorite quote “customer service…easy”.


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Senergy has been the distributor of choice in the Southwest and Rockies for decades. We only carry the highest quality products at the most competitive price possible. Our brands themselves are market leaders offering a variety of options and price points.

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