Senergy is the Exclusive MAXXPRO Distributor

The MAXXPRO line of performance lubricants are exclusively offered by Senergy Petroleum throughout Southwest and the Rockies.

Featuring engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic oil, tractor oil, gear lubes, antifreeze, and a wide array of industrial lubricants, your need for a value-based lubricant can me met by Senergy Petroleum’s MAXXPRO brand.

MAXXPRO’s engine oils are fully licensed and registered API products, meeting the most recent performance requirements (CK-4, ILSAC GF-6, API SP).

“MAXXIMIZE” your lubricant performance with Senergy’s brand of performance lubricants.

Tying it all Together with our Partners

Senergy Petroleum is dedicated to providing quality lubricating solutions designed to fit your needs. Whether you are a commercial, industrial, or agricultural business, we have the knowledge, resources, and products on hand to meet your needs. Our highly trained personnel are certified in all aspects of use analysis, performance evaluation, and deployment of environmentally safe delivery systems.

Our customers can choose service plans that include “keep full”, tote exchange, bulk lubricants, or a number of other economical options.

We Work With Clients of all Sizes and Industries

Our diversity helps us bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions for each new client challenge. 

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