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Senergy Petroleum Mining Products

Senergy is passionate about delivering fine petroleum products. We have highly rated, dependable products that last and keep everything in excellent condition. We save our customers both time and money because we strive to provide the best fuels, lubricants, and services that can be achieved. Open an account with us today and begin your profitable journey without any headaches or worries. When you use the best that you can get for your daily routine you spend more time making your business count and less time trying to fix it.

Why Senergy?

24/7 emergency delivery

Senergy’s dedicated customer support team is always reachable and works hard to accommodate your urgent needs.

Intelligent inventory management

We manage your inventory with advanced processes and telemetry so you never run out.

Advanced e-fleet deliveries

Our delivery trucks are connected with the latest tracking technologies giving our dispatch real-time location data.

Loaned equipment and system design

Our team will ensure you have the equipment you need either through our loan program or by designing a custom system for your situation.

OEM warranty compliance

Our lubricants and greases exceed OEM specifications ensuring you are protected.


In-house experts offer customized training for your specific needs.

Online ordering and account management

Senergy’s online platform gives you the capability to manage and create orders.

We offer Service for Mining companies in the following areas:

We Take Care of the Mining Industry

We have a solution. Senergy provides high-quality oil lubricants and exceptional service. The better you take care of your equipment, the longer it will last. Also, when you consistently maintain all of your tools, they will consistently be there for you when you need them the most. As a company, we realize the importance of investments. Every piece of machinery that gets put to use on a mining job is an investment. Our goal is to help you keep that investment as long as you possibly can. The longer it lasts, the more money it will continue to give back to you.

High Quality is High Durability

When you have an important job to do, and people are counting on you for quality work, do you shop at the dollar store for materials? Would you hire some guy off of the street to repair a loved one’s vehicle? For sensible people, the answers to these questions are very clear. You want materials and services you can depend on. Senergy maintains a level of excellence that has allowed us to be the best in our industry. Our excellence is your way to lower costs and keep all operations running smoothly and on time.


Senergy has been the distributor of choice in the Southwest and Rockies for decades. We only carry the highest quality products at the most competitive price possible. Our brands themselves are market leaders offering a variety of options and price points.

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Looking for your next career path. Senergy Petroleum is now hiring sales, operations, accounting, warehouse, and drivers. Fuel up, with team Senergy.

  • Shift Differential Pay
  • 401 (K) w/ Company Match
  • Medical, Vision, Dental Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Long Term Disability
  • Tuition Reimbursement