Senergy Petroleum Runs the Southwest and Rockies Region: Commercial Fuels and Lubricants

Senergy Petroleum specializes in Commercial Fuels, Lubricants, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Cardlock sites, Clean Fluid Solutions, Chemicals and Equipment. Senergy leads with high-touch customer service, top-of-the-line equipment, excellent products, and competitive pricing. Partner with Senergy today!

Products and Services

Crafted with the latest technology and highest-quality to deliver maximum efficiency, reliability, and protection.

Clear and Red Dyed Diesel

Senergy offers a comprehensive range of clear and red dyed diesel fuels, meeting the diverse needs of our customers. 

Unleaded Gasoline

Senergy provides a full spectrum of unleaded gasoline options, meeting the stringent standards for performance. 

Premium Gasoline

Our advanced formulations deliver superior engine performance, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced carbon deposits.

Specialty Fuels

Senergy specializes in providing innovative specialty fuels tailored to meet specific industry requirements. 

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Who is Senergy

80+ Years In Business

Senergy Petroleum leads the Southwest and Rockies petroleum industry. We prioritize innovation to stay competitive and attract the best professionals to shape the industry’s future. Our company culture has always been based on hiring the best people and allowing them to build and rebuild the industry.

Our technology-driven fleet, high-quality products, and cutting-edge services make Senergy Petroleum powerful enough to handle your needs, and local enough to care.


Senergy Locations

Discover how you can start fueling your career for long-term success at Senergy Petroleum. See our areas of work, locations, and benefits.

Services Provided By Senergy:

Bulk Fuel Delivery

Engineering Solutions

Access our decades of engineering expertise to build your business. Senergy Petroleum can provide services that include advanced analysis, surveys, program building and project support.

Oil Field Services

Senergy Offers a Wide Range of Oil & Gas Fuel and Lubricant Services at all of Our Locations. We specialize in servicing the energy sector by supplying dyed & clear diesel, lubricants and servicing drilling.

Clean Fluid Solutions

Dedicated to keeping your fuel and lubricant systems clean and reliable. Clean Fluid Solutions mitigates varnish, filters particulates, removes water, cleans the tank and restores your fuel and lubricants.


Senergy’s equipment solutions ensure that the right equipment is in place to support your business.  Qualifying customers can take advantage of our loaned equipment options. Equipment repair and maintenance ensure your down time is at a minimum.

Senergy In Action

See how business are using Senergy Petroleum to create incredible experiences for their customers and employees.

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