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Frequently Asked Questions

Senergy Petroleum caters to the Southwest and Rockies region, covering 7 states with a vast network of over 41 total locations.

Yes! With Senergy’s online platform, you have the convenience of managing and placing orders seamlessly.

It’s a quick and easy process! Simply head to our Account page and fill out a Customer Account Application.

Senergy Petroleum takes pride in offering highly competitive pricing options to meet your needs.

Senergy Petroleum offers a range of products including: Commercial Fuel products, LubricantsCardlockChemical products, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid. We also offer services catered to your industry including: bulk fuel deliveryClean Fluid Solutionsengineering solutionsequipment, and oil field services.

Senergy has become the distributor for the top lubricant brands including Chevron, Phillips 66, Ford Motorcraft, Fuchs, Maxxpro and others. We offer gear lubes, greases, heavy duty motor oil, passenger car motor oil, industrial, oil analysis, pumps, meters, accessories, tanks, and transmission fluid.

Yes, the minimum order for delivery is 100 gallons for fuel or oil.

Senergy Petroleum offers a comprehensive catalog of equipment solutions including sales, loans, repairs and maintenance on tanks, meters, and pumps.

We are pleased to offer the convenience of credit card payments for our customers.  However, please note that a fee may apply, which varies depending on your specific location.

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