The 3 Right's

Making the Switch to Senergy Petroleum

Senergy Petroleum is the RIGHT DISTRIBUTOR, providing the RIGHT SOLUTIONS at the RIGHT TIME. We are a privately owned, family business that provides products and services across multiple industries in need of lubricants, fuels and fluids. From large mines, transportation companies, construction outfits and municipalities, to quick lube operations, repair shops and manufacturers, machine shops and the industrial sector. “If it moves, it lubes and Senergy can help you make the switch with the right solutions at the right time.” As I talk to potential new customers in these industries, popular phrases are: “I like my supplier, we have a good relationship, but their service is lacking lately,” or “I don’t have time to retrain a new vendor” or “My supplier has gone corporate so my needs aren’t a priority.” Customers don’t want to deal with the stress, energy required and potential risk of changing suppliers. While these are highly validated concerns, Senergy believes that by providing the right solutions at the right time these same concerns can be mitigated easily, making the switch seamless.

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RIGHT DISTRIBUTOR: Senergy Petroleum spans the Southwest and Rockies, including 3 bulk facilities/distribution warehouses in Utah. We can deliver or you can pick up. Senergy Petroleum prides itself on being large enough to deliver, yet small enough to care. This mentality ensures that our customers receive the right solutions at the right time. From ordering to billing to delivery, our job is to lessen your burdens and provide comfort in knowing that your needs are being met.

RIGHT SOLUTIONS: Senergy enters into each new sales relationship with a commitment to a service level of by first obtaining a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs, service expectations and confirming the right product is being used for the right application. We collaborate to develop a detailed transition plan designed to introduce Senergy’s range of products, services and solutions to mitigate disruption to their business and then we execute the plan. Senergy’s promise to the customer does not end there – training is crucial. Senergy provides access to online training modules as well as in-house live instruction for service technicians, advisors and operators from a team of specialists, both in-house and from our branded suppliers. Below is one of Senergy’s Training Series on Heavy Duty Motor Oil by our Lubricant Engineer, Russ Seideman.

RIGHT TIME: “Timing is Everything.” As more and more companies are going “corporate”, laying off their workforce and cutting way back, Senergy was so well prepared financially, operationally, and strategically that it not only weathered the unforeseen challenges of 2020, but saw tremendous growth in Utah. Despite the pandemic, the restrictions, and the associated economic downturn, Senergy was able to avoid furloughs, layoffs, and team core compensation was entirely preserved. Stability breeds success. It’s time to switch.

If we do not create value for our customers and make a facility, plant, shop or fleet manager a rockstar in the process, we’re just another distributor. Senergy is the RIGHT DISTRIBUTOR, providing the RIGHT SOLUTIONS at the RIGHT TIME.

Make the Switch and Run With Us today.

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