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Senergy Offers a Wide Range of Oil & Gas Fuel and Lubricant Services at all of Our Locations.‚Äč We are a leading provider of fuel, lubricants, and on-site delivery services specifically designed to meet the needs of oil and gas companies.

We specialize in servicing the energy sector by supplying dyed & clear diesel, lubricants and servicing drilling.

We supply hydraulic fracturing equipment, drilling rigs and production facilities with fuel, oil and lubricants for on-site delivery as well.

Additionally, we specialize in renting fuel trailers to leave on site while offering different sizes with various pumping options.

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Senergy has been the distributor of choice in the Southwest and Rockies for decades. We only carry the highest quality products at the most competitive price possible. Our brands themselves are market leaders offering a variety of options and price points.

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