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Senergy’s equipment solutions ensure that the right equipment is in place to support your business. Our in-house engineering expertise can design and build custom equipment to fit your exact needs. Qualifying customers can take advantage of our loaned equipment options. Equipment repair and maintenance ensure your down time is at a minimum. 

Equipment Solutions
To Fit Your Needs

Fuel Equipment

Whether you’re in need of robust fuel transfer pumps or advanced fuel monitoring technology, we have the tools to power your efficiency and productivity. Explore our range of fuel equipment and discover how Senergy Petroleum can support your success.

Lubricant Equipment

We understand the crucial role that lubricant equipment plays in maintaining efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of machinery. Our extensive selection includes storage solutions for lubricants, dispensing systems, transfer equipment, and handling accessories.

DEF Equipment

Diesel Exhaust Fluid storage solutions designed to ensure the purity and integrity of your DEF supply. From compact containers to large bulk storage tanks, our options cater to various storage needs, allowing you to maintain compliance with industry standards while maximizing efficiency.

All your products.
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Bringing Equipment Directly to You!

Giving you the ability to pack up and move all in one. Having instant job site consistency so you can do incredible things on the go. 

Intelligent Storage Design

Our custom storage solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Modified to Your Needs

Whether you need on-site storage for lubricants, chemicals, or equipment, our equipment can be modified to accommodate a wide range of products.

Tank Loan Programs

Qualifying customers can receive on-site tanks; as well as other equipment to support your business. 

Custom Designed Storage

Customize the layout for your site requirements. Tailor-made Conex box storage solutions will help protect your product. With great efficiency comes great productivity.

Element Proof Your Products

Senergy Storage Solutions

Equipment Tailored to Your Business

At Senergy, we ensure that the right equipment is in place to support your business operations.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Senergy provides a one year warranty on all rental equipment for all general wear and tear on filters, nozzles, and hoses.

Custom to Fit Your Needs

Benefit from our in-house engineering expertise, capable of designing and building custom equipment that precisely fits your unique requirements.

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