Preparing for the Summer Season

Where to Start

Coolant Check

As adequate cooling is the basic part of maintaining your semi-trucks, make sure that your air conditioning and coolant for the engine have been serviced. As the coolant prevents your truck from overheating, it must be at the correct concentration levels.  The right coolant can help your engine run better and save you time in maintenance.

Since the batteries are safe during the winters, many people forget to check the battery when summer comes in. As warmer weather can be more damaging for batteries and cause overheating, it is crucial that you check the battery’s charging. Make sure that it is working properly and does not require any replacement. Just to remain on the safe side, you can also carry a spare battery with you on longer trips.

Replace Batteries


Since the summer season requires you to drive for long hours in the intense heat, make sure that your air conditioner is working fine before you set off. Check for any freon leaks and see if the conditioner is providing proper cooling. Turn on the air conditioner for a while to see if the compressor and fan are good to go.

The hot weather causes the tires to wear and tear more compared to the winters and breaks down the rubber of a tire faster. It is important that you check all tires and their air pressure for even the slightest cracks as if you fail to do so, lower air pressure will cause heat to build up inside, leading to a tire burst.


Lubricant Levels

Using high-quality lubricants, engine oil, and top-off fluids from Senergy petroleum will allow your semi-trucks to move smoothly, reduce friction, and prevent excessive stresses or seizures at bearings. A high-quality lubricant also cleans out the sludge inside the engine and reduces wear and tear on the moving parts.

While you are taking care of all the other safety checks, remember to run a quick check on the belts. Figure out if you need to tighten the belts or replace them as the constant vibration from the truck can cause them to fray or wear down.

Inspect Belts


As road trips are highly unpredictable and not always ideal, it is of the foremost importance that you carry the summer essentials with you. Pack some bandages or a medical case for emergencies or small injuries along with some comfortable clothes, sufficient food and water, and some extra cash before you start your journey.

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