Dear Valued Customer,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the acquisition of Hill Petroleum by Senergy Petroleum effective November 3, 2022.

This acquisition will provide Hill Petroleum customers with the same products and services they have enjoyed for more than three decades, while expanding our range of products, services, and expertise. We believe that people and relationships matter, and our desire is to provide every opportunity for you to continue to enjoy doing business with familiar friends – people that know you, care about you, and understand your unique needs.

During this transition the only immediate change you will notice will be the name. You will see the Senergy name on all delivery paperwork, invoicing, and company communications. You can begin making checks payable to Senergy while the remittance address remains the same. Everything else about our relationship with you and the way you do business with us remains the same, including your sales representative, contact information, ordering procedures, contract elements, pricing, and mailing addresses.

In order to make the transition seamless for you, all customer accounts, including credit applications, personal guarantees, account terms & conditions, outstanding balances, security agreements, and other related agreements and obligations will remain in full force and effect under Senergy.

With a 82-year history dating to 1941, Senergy is one of the Southwest and Rockies heritage privately held and family owned petroleum distributors. Senergy has grown significantly over the years to include the broadest of industry resources in the Western US, the essential scale of a large enterprise required to support the most competitive pricing, and the most talented team in the business. Along the way, we have also carefully retained the personality, flexibility, attention, and personal touch of a trusted friend. To learn more about Senergy, we encourage you to visit our website at or contact any team member.

We recognize you will likely have many other questions relating to this acquisition, and we have attached a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) for your information.

We hope you share our excitement and enthusiasm for this wonderful opportunity to serve you. Please call us if you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way.

Kindest regards,

Chris Lindblom

Senergy Petroleum Acquisition Customer FAQ’s

Hill Petroleum and Senergy Petroleum share common cultures and the same customer-centric focus. We are focused on making this change as seamless as possible.

Senergy Petroleum’s ultimate objective is to provide customers with the same Hill Petroleum experience – plus! Plus an enhanced product offering, programs, service & support. Our goal is to make it easier and even more compelling for you to do business with Senergy Petroleum.

No…your current account manager will remain the same. Additionally, our customer support teams are locally based and are committed to providing industry leading service and support.

As with Hill Petroleum, Senergy Petroleum is one of the Southwest and Rockies largest fully integrated fuels, lubricants, propane, and DEF distributors. Additionally, Senergy Petroleum offers fuels & lubricants cleanliness/filtration solutions, engineering solutions, and petroleum equipment sales, warranty service, and equipment loan solutions.

Our staff is being aligned and enhanced to provide you with a best-in-class customer experience. The combined Senergy Petroleum’s team have over 500 dedicated professionals currently based in Southwest and Rockies including Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

You can call your account manager or call Senergy Petroleum’s customer service at (800) 964- 0076 with any question you may have. We are all here to serve you!

Payment for past Hill Petroleum invoices, including all future invoices, should be made to Senergy Petroleum beginning 11/03/22 with your current remittance address on file. A new W-9 is available from Senergy Petroleum upon request.

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